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Bearded Dragons are native to desert. You will find them in hot dry Australian environments, like desert, rocks and bushes. You need to mimic that environment as close as possible for a happy and healthy bearded dragon life. Here are some reviews of the popular bearded dragon cages for sale. The reptile home is not just an attractive set for your room, but must be an ideal living space for your pet.  


These reptile enclosures are one of the best on the market.

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Bearded Dragons have special diet needs, and it is important to know how to feed them.


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Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

Terrariums are basically a containers made up of glass which is meant for either keeping plants or small animals. This wonderful terrarium by Exo Terra is completely made up of glass which is having great dimensions and large size. It possesses wonderful ventilation system from the front window which has been patented. It is an ideal terrarium made up of glass meant for keeping reptiles or amphibians. It has a wonderful frame in which bottom can be raised so that a heater can be placed within the terrarium for maintaining the temperature. It has a bottom which is waterproof. It has double doors so that it provides access which is free from escape.  The inlets provided in the terrarium for either wires or tubes can also be closed.

Wonderful product for reptiles

This Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is a wonderful product which can serve as a home especially for your reptiles. It can be used for different set-ups; either you want to create a miniature environment of sand or that of rain forest this product is going to give you magnificent results. It possesses a patented unique ventilation system through which the air is able to get circulated in a proper manner thus providing the perfect environment to your pet reptile. With the all glass body it is convenient to see the activities of your reptile and in the case of any emergency, you can take quick action.

Pros of Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

This wonderful terrarium made of glass is really very beautiful and amazing product. Because of this superb glass structure, it looks elegant and also provides the convenience. The structure of terrarium is designed in such a manner that it is able to maintain a particular temperature and can withhold heat. It also provides the option of inserting a heater in case you need to add some warmth to increase the temperature

Cost efficient and Durable

This terrarium comprises of many amazing features thus it is very cost efficient and cheap if you make a comparison of the features and the price. These tanks are durable and sturdy in its designing, although they are made up of glass and can sustain up to a large number of years if maintained properly. The average life of the tanks is more than 5 years if kept in good condition. So with such a small price and so many features along with a good average life span this terrarium is a must for every reptile owner.



Size of Reservoir

As the dimensions of the tank are huge and it possesses a wide structure, therefore it becomes an ideal choice for storing reptiles. Because of large space provided, you can set up natural setups with the help of false backgrounds, live plants, and other accessories. Still, there is plenty of space left for the animal to move freely and comfortably. In fact because of its huge storage space, you can accommodate 2-3 small or medium sized reptiles, amphibians or bearded dragon within one tank only the bearded dragon cages for sale come in mor than one size:

Check Exo Terra Glass Terrarium, Large size 

Check Exo Terra Glass Terrarium, Small size

Wonderful structure of the tank

The doors of this tank are not sliding ones which are present in most of the tanks and terrariums. This one has hinged doors, therefore, it reduces the chances of getting something trapped between the guides of the door or in between the sliding doors. Also, it allows a lot of space and convenience while using hinged doors. For the good circulation of air, the vents which have been provided below the doors are perfect. The structure although made up of glass is sturdy and strong.

Safe and secure

It possesses two doors which can be opened from front thus it is very comfortable while doing the activities of feeding and maintenance. While feeding or doing maintenance work you can keep one door closed all the time, thus it prevents the chances of escape by a quick reptile or the insects which are used for feeding.  Also by keeping this one door close you have the advantage of maintaining heat and humidity all the time even when you are doing maintenance activities. These doors are fitted on a pivot and thus simplify the difficulties created by sliding doors.

Stainless steel cover

It possesses top which is completely made up of the screen and thus it allows the diffusion of ultraviolet and infrared rays. The best advantage is it can be removed completely and thus can be taken away when needed. The top have inlets that can be closed for wires or pipes to be inserted into the tank while securing small reptiles and insects from escaping.

Raised bottom structure

The structure of the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium bottom is raised thus allowing the placement of heater or heating cable in a perfect manner. Unlike the terrariums which have the normal styling like that of the aquarium, in this, there is no issue related to the placement of the heating accessory. With such structure it also provides perfect ventilation to the bottom panel of the tank.

Cons of Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

The background screen that comes along with these terrariums can create some problems. In case you are feeding crickets to your reptiles. Then they climb up the screen or either hide behind them. In case you obstruct the ports still there is some space that is developed between the top of the screen and the background where these crickets can hide. Therefore those reptiles that do not have the ability to climb cannot reach them or eat them.

Some Inferior quality fittings    

The door latch provided by the company is of inferior quality and is not strong enough. Open the door gently so you dont break it while using it, therefore recommended to use with care.  The plastic fittings above the doors also get easily flexed and increase the chances of its damage, therefore; you need to be cautious while using them.

Thus in a nutshell, if you consider all the pros and cons of this product then you can find that this product has many beneficial plus points.  Therefore, it becomes a perfect tank and a must buy for anyone who owns reptiles or amphibians as this terrarium will prove as a wonderful home for your pets and with its beautiful looks and various features you will surely love it too.

Check the price and sizes of Exo Terra Glass Terrarium here!

Normal Bearded Dragon Life Span

Bearded Dragons life span is different in captivity then in nature. In the wild dragons life shorter lives then when kept as pets. In nature bearded dragons have natural enemies and elements to compete with. They are hardy animals and usually very resistant, but good diet is needed to keep them healthy and strong. If you keep a good care of your pet bearded dragon it can easily reach 8-12 years of age

Choosing A Healthy Bearded Dragon

Before you take a bearded dragon home, it is good to know how to recognize if your dragon is strong and healthy. There a simple ways of doing this, and it will work with all bearded dragons. First of all look at the dragon behaving, is it alert? If you approach them, do they recognize your movements? If that is the case it’s a good sign.  

You should also make sure to checks some things:

  • If a dragon looks injured, have scars or scratches
  • If there are some injuries inquire with the person you are buying it from
  • Look at the dragon eyes if they are not runny of other strange signs on the face.
It is simple to notice if a dragon is missing its tail or some other body parts. You must know that bearded dragons do fight for females so it is not unnatural to see some minor parts missing like ends of its tail. But if it looks to big or strange then I recommend not to take that dragon, as it may die on you if injuries are to big. 


Determining the Sex of Your Bearded Dragon

When you get a new bearded dragon, it is only natural to want to know his or her sex. There are few ways to determine what sex is your dragon.  But the most easiest and accurate is to look at their underside and try to find some gender characteristics ( male or female).

Picking up the dragon and lifting its tail will show you the best clue. When lifting its tail be soft and don’t hurt the dragon. If your dragon is not to young you will see special gender characteristics, if the dragon is to young they will all look the same (like females).

The males will have two bumps under the tail with a small dimple in the middle just above the vent.  The older the dragon the more they will be visible.   

 The female will have only on bump and it will be located in the middle of the tail on the spot ebove the vent, and visible.

How Big of a Tank Do You Need?

If you plan to keep a Bearded Dragon, you must provide a reptile enclosure that is big enough so your pet can walk around, climb and rest where ever it wants.  To small reptile enclosure can have a negative effect on its growth. There is no to big habitat when bearded dragons and other reptiles are concerned, bigger is better for them. The bigger tank will be harder to keep warm, but will provide more natural living environment for your pet. There are some good size bearded dragon cages for sale.

 To get a young or older dragon?

When you are buying your first bearded dragon it is maybe best to get a fully grown, or close to fully grown dragon for a  start. Young dragons need more care and if you are a novice, an older one is a better choice in this case.  Older dragons are more hardy and will adapt better to a new habitat, and will not fall sick so easily.

The easiest way to know how old is the bearded dragon is by its length. If the dragon is more then 10 inches then it is a mature individual, if smaller then 10 inches, then you have a young dragon in front of you.   

Its I best to start with a grown dragon and learn the basics, there is nothing more devastating then having a young dragon get sick or worse because it was to sensitive or we did not have knowledge how to take care of it. Always make sure you check good bearded dragon cages for sale before you get your pet.  


Diet regime: Bearded dragons generally consume nearly anything. This could trigger several issues. These Bearded Dragons are supposed to be omnivorous animals, that means they obviously eat bugs and plants. While in cage, they perform better with vegan diet plan. These pets will need meals that have less proteins and phosphorous as well as rich in calcium mineral. Typically, they need to take in dark leafy vegetables (kale, dandelion plants, arugula, chard, endive, mustard greens and so on.). Fruits are not generally advised as they are rich in phosphorous as well as they surprisingly have lower level of calcium supplement. Insects are advised in small numbers since they are loaded with healthy proteins along with fat, and tend to be lower in calcium mineral. Bearded Dragons like to consume crickets, nevertheless they have the tendency for growing too quickly and in most cases turn out to be overweight and have greasy liver organ illness. Nutritional vitamin supplements usually are not necessary when these reptiles are on healthy diet. Lizards will be growing slower with this particular diet plan, but they are healthier and surely have longer and healthy life. Breeding Bearded Dragon require some animal diet. We strongly advise carrying out blood assessments to make certain your pet is good and its blood calcium as well as phosphorous ranges are absolutely normal.

Light Requirement: The appropriate lighting is essential for lizard; their life is dependent upon it. Lizards are having higher requirement for UVB lights. UVB light is the component of sun light. This sort of UVB light is soaked up through the epidermis so it helps the bearded dragon body to make D Vitamin. This is essential as the D Vitamin assists for intake of the calcium from their diet plan. This UVB light present in sun rays are not able to travel via plastic or glass-type. We recommend getting your pet animal outdoor as much as you can, but constantly watch over them. Additionally the UVB cage lighting is recommended considering that the pet usually spends the majority of the time inside. Several brands can be found, however the most successful are ZooMed and Vitalites Iguana Lamps. These luminescent lights should be changed every six to twelve months since the volume of UVB declines with time. If you use florescent tube then it will create light, which is visible, but not the UVB light. Light needs to be switched on for around 12 hour daily.

Temperature Matters: All reptiles happen to be ectothermic, that suggests they get their body heat from environment. All the reptiles need the temperature gradient (with cool and hot sides). Which allows reptile to get its ideal heat for typical food digestion along with maintaining healthy immunity. This could be simply accomplished using the heating cushion plus the source of heat such as infra-red ceramic warmth element. It is recommended to possess movable temperature gauge for checking temperatures in all regions of cage. You also need to, check temperature of cage during night time. Reptiles love heat so ensure they do not get burn off the bulbs. Temperature stones usually are not advised. Also, reptiles must have locations to cover themselves at hot as well cool places. The bottom level of gradient ought to be at the lower end of 80 F, and also upper level to be within the higher side of 90 F.



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