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Bearded Dragons Information

Bearded dragons technological name is actually Pogona Vitticeps. They're mid-sized lizards that are twelve-twenty four inches long from head to their tail. These bearded dragons are of various colors that can help let you know what place they originated from.


The Head - Head of the Bearded dragon is of triangular shape, possesses rows having spikes that appear like thorns. Beneath the head, these bearded dragons have rows having spiked scales that when puffed resembles like beard and these scales are able to change the colors, becoming darker, at the time of breeding.


The Body - Bearded dragon has 4 stout legs plus they also have well-toned systems having row with spikes that operates down each part of the abdominal. Their tail normally is about half of the size of their own body. Unlike various other lizards it won't fall and regenerate it whenever threatened.


History of Bearded Dragon 

Bearded dragons comes from Australia's deserted parts. They are generally located in the southeast, North and eastern 1/2 of Southern Australia region. Their habitats include savannahs, woodlands as well as deserts. It isn't uncommon to see them basking on branches, on the stumps, or stones during morning hours.


Bearded dragons actually were not known to America till 1990's. Since that time they have considerably increased in numbers and are available in almost every major family pet shop.


The Inland Bearded Dragon's Food

These Bearded dragons by nature are omnivorous, which signifies they can eat both pet and plants. They aren't picky and can eat along with gusto usually. Insects, like mealworms and crickets, must be dusted using supplement or calcium mineral. Dusting may be accomplished by inserting insects in the plastic bag along with some powder, and then shaking this bag for lightly coating insects before offering these to lizards.


Offer these bearded dragons, carefully cut vegetables (like lettuce, romaine, carrots, zucchini, etc.), greens (mustard, collard, dandelion, etc.) as well as fruits (banana, kiwi, mango, etc.). Utilize healthy items rich in vitamins; sprinkle correct quantity of supplements in the powdered form on the foods. Avoid giving iceberg lettuce since it’s not healthy. Bearded dragons can eat the pinky mice as well as wide range of balanced food diets that are available in pet shops. When you keep dragons on fine sand, you must offer the food on any shallow dish than positioning it straight on substrate rather.


Handling as well as Temperament of Inland Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons usually are quite docile; they can tolerate handling much better than any of the other species of lizard. This is also true for adults who have spent entire life in the captivity (Obviously, there could be exceptions). It isn't unusual to go to any reptile expo to discover excessively fat bearded dragon which is happily lounging on furniture or perched over the owners' shoulders.


Cages and Supplies

Bearded dragons housing

Any bearded dragon definitely will require space. Smallest size is 36"x12"x18" for just one lizard. Any Bigger size is usually better and far bigger is vital if at all you house several dragons inside the cage.

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